He doesn’t want to be but he was once the terrorist.

My father will not betray you from your rights and necessities .

My father didn’t know how to but bring in serenity .

While I cough in the womb in the fourth trimester .

While your chemtrails but also deplete and have left nothing clean.

My father chose to dilapidate all at once.

My father had seen the sun at the wrong hour,

The rays reflected through the rods and cons to only  cause a dent in the refractive index  .

They say light is a blessing but too much exposure can blind you .

My father was but not a connoisseur of the crystals of the prismatic waves .

My grandfathers provoked him.

Knowledge though cried the gruesome gushes .

Unreciprocated it lasted though till was it adopted .

I hear my mother chant the Holy lores .

They but ask to preserve and prevent to grow.

I would bleed out with my coughs in some hours.

My mother cries for the act of her Knight, a tyrant?

I succumb slowly to breathlessness .

While my father has resurrected only to     but reincarnate .

He whispers to me as I bleed out ,

He will be a better father and not again but a terrorist.

He will be not a robber but the alchemist.


10 SIGNS you’re repeatedly falling in love with love

You want to be in a relationship to know how it feels or it is cool to you at your fifteen .

You have wanted to be in a relationship and each time tried to fall in love. And you have been a hypocrite to be against arranged marriages because you have been arranging relationships according to you mood.

You are extremely selfish and you have been extremely possessive or open minded. 

You have been at your extremes while dealing with relationships. Either you have been extremely into it or you have treated it like a burden to trash your frustration down? 

You can do anything for making any person happy.

You love to bring in joy in people’s life. You give people as much as you can to make them happy. You feel extremely good to see someone happy. So you are also the one who is asked to pay the bill ,asked for extravagant gifts ,treated like the closest person. And also betrayed at the same time?Watch out!It is good to be an empath but not at the cost of anything liberating .Try to respect wealth. Many of you are those born with the golden spoon but learn to appreciate that than repenting later about what you could have done.

You are romantic and creative by nature.

You are either a writer or a poet or you love reading. You definitely love music,dance and have good command over most of the creative endeavours because you feel ill at ease.

You are inquisitive and observe a lot.

You are interested in everything. It starts from knowing to cook to trying out cheese fondue recipe to being an activist. In fact chances are extremely high that you are one of those who get blood curdling vibes looking around. You in fact long for certain political modification and a lot of times they come true coincidentally and you feel gratitude and pride within you. You actually love your country or also the universe .You are also equally interested in skydiving or the best stash in town to the extent of traveling, maybe solo. You are full of valour.

You are way too emotional.

When you are attached emotionally to someone, there are certain reasons why you can’t hurt the person. Hence a lot of times you are scared to get attached. At the same time you also realise that it’s hence easy for you to get attached because you have concept of your own about the standards of your love. You just fit in a face to a phase.

You have been in too many flings or attachments or relationships but you were wholeheartedly honest with your emotions too at the same time. 

When you are in a relationship, be it friendship ,boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother ,sister ,daughter ,yourself or with pets. What matters is your presence of mind at the time you are playing that role in life. It is important if you are true to the moment from your heart. In case you are not you are never afraid to find a way to come up with the truth. Be it enemy or friends, you think admitting the truth is way more self satisfying than anything else.

It is easy for you to get into an attachment but when you move away ,it is the end.

You get easily attached and it is initially hard for you to get out of relationships that you have been extremely attached to. However when you have the self analysis part of you switched on and you start realising the needs to get out of an attachment, it happens in less than five minutes for you.Hence you realise the attachment was not with the person but the emotional need .

You jump into a relationship to another and more or less break up in the same pattern .

You just can get along with anyone and because you are so friendly, knowledgeable , intellectual , societally sound in other words. There are other qualities too which make you attractive. You are a rare specimen to be forgotten . Thus you automatically connect to anyone and everyone. People love your charm and you love to feel important. Be it friendship or a relationship,there are so many people around that you can feel like the princess of angels. However you don’t you are just not happy because you are in the quest of love and you just fail to locate that each time. Are you connecting to your twin flame?

Falling in love has become a practice or a habit and you need to get out of that .

You get easily attached to people and that is the reason people can hurt you. Nobody had set a checklist for you when you began to talk to them about meeting your emotional expectations. Hence stop blaming others and get out of this love finding conquest .Go for her or him  who brings in changes to your life to elevate you and make you happy . 

Not rip you down with loss of self motivation and confidence.

Don’t go for anything that comes easy but what makes you scared. I’m not kidding.

Because you NEVER FALL IN LOVE,YOU RISE IN LOVE.IF YOU FALL YOU ARE FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR CONCEPT OF LOVE.Someone who as a physical entity matters to you .

Someone you really adore as a person .

Of course you should love them but when you start to value the emotion over the person,you seriously need to back out because you are in a creepy multi dimensional relationship with your love for love and the face of love. You are transmitting a lot of your energy which you can preserve to love love or yourself.

You are one of those rare good soul who fear to inflict harm on anyone and are extremely empathic .

There’s something beautiful waiting for you because you are awakening. 

You need to stop manipulating situations and trust rather on all those coincidences that have happened.

This path is a path to an end of the conquest where there is a tragic end to the lesson. Hence it’s very important to learn the lesson at once, it’s at a periodic cycle at it’s occurrence.

Seldom did you know this is Hogwarts

I am not afraid to break the shield . I’m not afraid that this article will be life changing. 

I will whisper into your ears that you are unknowingly living in the Hogwarts school of magic.

The most intriguing of all theologies , reincarnation is mistrusted , the most. The population of the multi trillion  have but over thirty percent who have given into this belief.

The Hogwarts school of magic or the Matrix triology are all true and you and I are another Superman, Spiderman or the Batman.

The ancient scriptures of religion have not connected the interlinking fractions of reincarnation. We have varied versions to the alchemical process of periodic occurrence of the course of life. 

However what in the quest of unaffordable manifesting channels to perpetuate the concept of reincarnation causes is but utter dismay,a period of perplexion. 

The concept of reincarnation is not as mysterious as you think it to be. 

However here are ten reasons why you are living in the Hogwarts school of Magic and I’ll also play Christiana Perri’s “A thousand years.” I will then tell you that you are but The Cinderella and The Snow White. 

However before I start on exploring the journey of the most over hyped natural process , I’ll want to acknowledge you with a greater understanding of the reality.

If you resurrected then it’s your fate but you make your own fate but at the end of the day you have to reincarnate. 

Reincarnation is the path end of destiny. It’s the ultimate form of salvation where you are in your truest form without a tinge of repentance but extreme bliss.

However these are the ten signs that you are about to receive your graduation letter from Hogwarts or Hogwarts is calling for you .

You have been growing up with that one bad habit which embarrasses you now but it was your defense mechanism throughout your life to gain attention.

There are a lot of habits that children have . Some a kleptomaniac,some are abusive,some are victims of bully ,some bully ,some are extremely silent as children whereas some are full of valour. 

While children grow up , parents take various methods to alter these habits. A lot of times the approach made are at extreme ends. In this process the child develops a defence mechanism trait. Either they lie a lot or are aggressive. In the worst they slowly succumb to become silent . 

A lot of times it is seen that a child who is growing up in a covered nut shell later turn out to be talkative adults.

It’s very important to analyze an extreme quality in a child than scolding the child because it often disorients the programming process.

These repressed thoughts often turn out to be the worst fear in early adulthood.

You have had a magical dream like every other child but even when you look back at your childhood perfect reverie dream now ,you smile.

We all had a childhood where we made believe a lot of times. We all had that one dream which was the route of mystery to us. 

Perhaps I’ll scare you today by telling you that it’s that dream which will be the end result to your endless endeavours.

You have a lot of times been scared of the dead by fearing the monsters in your room . You would fear until you thought you stopped believing in monsters? 

No you actually got over the fear of death. The monsters will haunt you till you don’t accept that death is inevitable and you have no control over it.

You fear that insect ,I fear water and he fears the height. 

Our deepest fear is the source of our blockage. Our deepest fear is linked to our past life death or dismay .

There’s one dream pattern which is in quite a repeatability format.

I had often dreams where I was running away until I realised I was running away from myself.

There’s some unlucky and lucky numbers which never let you down .

It’s your intuitions and there’s nothing that you should trust more but your intuitions.

Ironically every unlucky number is your luckiest number and every event linked to that have a common message to offer.

You purge a lot, depression or anxiety just walk in your way 

You are an empath ,a good soul and hence for every mistake you have made in the illusions that you created ,you try to find an alternative to your actions.

The easiest way to get over the mental health trauma is to accept what makes you extremely an obstinate .

More or less events in your life have a link and similarity. 

If a particular event seems similar to another which had not worked out and constantly you are getting vibes of a similar outcome from the event ,step out.

This is the MAYA or illusion. Every friend you make to every decision you make is your illusion. Because none of these will persist. Only your soul will. 

If there are too many events of the same genre ,learn to accept the lesson it’s teaching you.

Otherwise you will be forced to.

We’re all capable of being the Adam or Eve but we also need to master the qualities of Cupid.

No relation will make you happy unless you know yourself completely. Once you have understood the purpose of your life ,you will for sure want to bring in the best to your life. But you need to spread love like Cupid and surrender to the almighty .

A lot of people who you will meet in this life have a connection with you from the past. The connection is either Karmic (good/bad) but teaches you a particular lesson. 

Or a soulmate, you can meet a million of them. They are those with who you have an instant connection and come to your life at a particular phase to make you realise that you are special. You have the special abilities.

We have then the twin aspects who are people who we are destined to help you or you’re supposed to help with the limited knowledge you have or with whom you create with your common understanding of the event.

Then we have the the twin flame connection which is the ultimate Yin Yang theory . 

In other words the soul was created then were dispersed into two bodies only to reincarnate for the greater cause.

The greatest cause is your purpose in this UNIVERSE.

What gives you most of your pride about your identity is the purpose of your life.

You may have a lot of hobbies but what gives you pride and confidence is the source to the purpose of your life.

Once you have understood what these meant ,you will be authorized to explore Hogwarts.

No artist who have succeeded could let go of the process of reincarnation.

Reincarnation isn’t a choice but your destiny. The path to your destiny is your fate which is in your hand .

© Chirasree.

The White Taxi

Alienated in the shores of white taxis,

Coughing in nicotinic coats. 

Hovers my soul for a lane to the route.

I am lost yet but everyday.

Panting to unlock a white taxi .

Curling up some more smoke.

Smoggy fosters I ejaculate ,

Monsters thus can never be blamed for distress. 

Stars blink relentlessly despite o’ all uneeded virtues. 

Coercive evolutions sweep in ,

In my dreams of wanting to be with you.

But in my dream I run behind a white taxi.

I smoke up my journeying pace.

To catch a ride , eternal.

Carriaged but  one of the many white taxis.

Stagnant,still in prince like shimmer.

I run aimlessly but you camouflaged.

© Chirasree

Are you the tree too ?

I will tell you a story .

A story of the tree.

The tree is always but the root of imagination, indeed.

To all the vegetarians,

I will tell you a story of the flesh eating cannibals.

But first let me introduce you to the protagonist of the story ,

Hari .

 Hari is a hardworking wood cutter living in nearest proximity to a jungle. Hari lives a fascinating life in the other part of the life away from the jungle. He feels much like a serial killer to a regenerative life process.

He wakes up in the morning,kisses his parents’on pictures, leaves home to cut wood from the jungle. Then he sends the wood across to the city. 

There are evenings when he has made enough from his living,he goes to the city in search of every luxury he can earn himself. 

One day after being tired of cutting trees,

Hari sat down beneath a tree,

He was panting while the tree gave him shed .

He was almost about to fall asleep.

There was someone who whispered,

Do you want to be a tree? 

Hari:No.Who are you ?(extremely frightened).

Tree: I’m the tree shedding you.

Hari:How can you talk?

Tree:I have enough power to feed you but no emotions you think? 

When I’m born and can feed,why shouldn’t I? 

Hari: What are you even trying to say ?

Tree: Some of us are born to feed like the cow and goat. We are all born with a soul and mission. Seldom do they realise that we are cursed human beings like you who live their life allowing others to feed on them.

Hari :How am I letting others feed me? 

Tree: You spend the money you earn everyday having no left for your everyday needs. You use the money up completely left only to weep and come back to cut more wood. However you could become a carpenter by now or have a wood shop but you are here feeding on fruits falling from me. 
If you and only you could realise that you could plant another plant after chopping one. 

The same way saving some money and having the apple of joy with a small bite than  at a go because it’s be difficult to pluck more apples especially when you have had enough.

What all of us know but don’t agree to ?

Every time you say why did he or she do this to me,you are actually saying that why did you do that to yourself!
While adolescence is but a stage where the Brahma in you created illusions as the restlessness. While it kept to teach you the power in you to create the Brahmanda . You know what Brahmanda is ? Well according to my a little trace of earned knowledge: Your power to control which comes from pride about your own self to create what you are capable of. You are eventually brittled down with the captivating power of Brahma. You unknowingly kept making the same mistakes over and over again . Brahma isn’t worshiped in form of deity ,I think because of it’s formlessness. Brahma is in you. Brahma is your wisdom. The beautiful mind that we have repeatedly brought us to coincidences or rather we created them . The occurrence is caused by Brahma ,who is hopelessly chasing “Saptaparni.” We keep working on all those things that deplete our ego(self-respect). This is the reason why adolescents are attracted to different forms of illusions. While some chase love,some chase power or wealth,some go for fame while some are scared . In the fear they create imaginations. While some allow wisdom to set in with the power of knowledge. Some go deep in between the lines in the books. Some are poets or photographers or aspiring to be models. Some are  mimicry artists ,some beat box while some of them paint and some can’t even see,hear or talk.

We keep mocking the the Hindu mythology or rituals because we are agnostic. Why wouldn’t we be ? Since we’re least exposed a generation to spiritual reality or too exposed to the material reality. We’re born in a man made world but the layers of mind are so delusional. We cannot put up with the the thoughts of mind ,thirsts of mind and eventually we blame ourselves with self pity of psychological disorder. As someone always puts it up for me as it’s for those who are weak. Yes we are a weak generation because we know from our birth that nothing is permanent ,from your first talking parrot to your last breath . Nothing is aligned with permanency. We have not been exposed to the folk lores of the ancient in details. The structure of education is superficial and causes a lot of perplexion in our brains. We aren’t taught to connect the dots but are expected to connect them . While we are not even aware that the dots can be connected beyond the proven theoretical evidences . While the law and order ,the country ,the other countries,none are in peace. Politics does always talk about diplomacy. As we grow up we draw different evidences from each of the exposures we are made to have. Some grow in pride and some in empathy. While some are the juvenile deliquents. But aren’t aware of what is going on because neither mythology, philosophy or psychology is a subject in their their teenage. 

They learn the rules and structures of the society as well. Such a society which evokes insecurity. We are a very insecure generation. The art of insecurity is so commercialised and we are famished by the aura of it :we often see that  in the romantic movies. I blame the novels too. They are so beautiful but we perceive so many different notions from the same as we grow up or are tired of it. 

While in some knowledge has either created wisdom or pride in some without a trace of wisdom. Some minds are trying to read in between the lines. Some minds explore in the fantasy world.

They slowly and steadily let empathy swim in because they in unconsciousness create Brahmanda.

They are those who are suffering from the various disorders. They are the typically easily bullied people . They are calm and quiet. They slowly give birth to the rebel (Durga ) in them. This is because they are too full of emotions and emotions drive them to illusions. They create an illusionary world of happiness. While others are repeating the jungle law test ,these empathetic creatures already have attracted their most favoured law of attraction .
They are slowly awakened by the way they choose to be. They dwindle down slowly and steadily. They go to the extent of extreme. They are fearless in a way because they rebel and suffocate if they can’t utter the truth or fight for . 

While they are torturing themselves. They are our previous generation usually who are married ,a lot of times by compulsion. They undergo domestic violence, assault, abusive environment , divorce, extra marital affairs,a tied up fetter not ever again permitted to burgeon . They keep silent. 

The empaths draw the extent of strength till they can.  They don’t care actually about what the society feels but they are enchanted by imaginations. They make mistake by trying to give a face to their imagination from physical reality. This is the reason I think Hindu mythology has a lot of characters,to help us directly assess the situation than attempt to understand the complex structure of mind. They are cunning ,sly and shrewd deep within because they are capable of playing with their minds.

They are scared of this gift. They think it’s paranormal or stressing or anxiety provoking or depressing . 

Most of them sought psychological help ,created another illusion of imagination and entrusted a self belief of the false reality. 

While we are fighting about masculine and feminine power ,we don’t realise that we have both the sides encrypted within us. 

The masculine in feminine body in physical reality and vice versa create some rules , regulations and society and the asks the feminine to abide by these rules and policies to survive in the current situation. It’s our superego which the opposite side of us . 

From here arives the concept of Shiva. We see him as the lord of marriage but if we go deep and try to talk to our superego ,we will realise that in life all the situations we have tried to control were all against those principles which we wanted to go against by purpose of experience . This gave birth to hatred and jealousy ,further provoking us to engage in rage . However finally into the fire and brittle down to the ashes. It would more be like going against the verdicts of your  parents by purpose. Shiva is activated in female human bodies and Kali is activated in the male human bodies. 
The activation is often compared to the pond of Hindu mythology where the deity collects a lot of water (emotions) and pours it into a pond which has a hole in it. She keeps bringing water and keeps pouring into the pond. Until one day she is frustrated and she leaves. However as Rabindranath Tagore talks about the follicles of humanity where we keep falling into the same trap again and again until one day we realise ,it was all but an illusion. The truth is what we fear :The Shiva or what makes us insecure of our own existence:The Kali.She cannot resist the tempt and their is the ego and also the kid in her who hasn’t learnt what defeat is yet. At least in this modern set up where everything can be replenished ,how can she not be agitated at the failure . 

She is determined but one day she notices the hole and she asks a sage who came to her dreams about how she could seal the hole. 

He asked her to complete herself and the hole will then be blocked. Hence from here with morals ,virtues, pain ,desire and some uncanny power and friendship with the nature allows them to activate the superego. There is no harm to give a face to the superego but the moment the face is activated ,the guardians of the galaxies are informed immediately . They are getting modern too and they immediately incorporate various codes which have to analyzed and hacked (in legal terms) to fulfill the impossible alchemical quest. 

The confusion increases now and they are dwindling day by day but all they do is imagine. They are rehabilitated but yet they keep imagining . Then they realise that the path is long and all these while they have been the rabbits but this time they need to be the tortoise. 

That is when Vishnu is created. Our minds’ nodes open and we realise our worldly responsibilities, learn to appreciate our art and hence create more and more due to the joy and not the pride. 

We are extremely elated by our own aura ,we begin to put chandan ,haldi and everything to beautify ourself from the outer shell as it’s a reflection of inner self. We start to understand the beautiful prakriti and admire the songs of birds .We are cautious about our ownself and continue to yearn for knowledge and hence we learn to manifest knowledge to creation ,creation to uplifting the  energy to create wealth. This is how at the end of the day all of us attract wealth through the power to surrender the ego or the aham .

Therefore the supergo is the voice we interact with ,the reflection we see in the mirror and interact with ,the sounds and vibrations in the energy. Ying and Yang resonated at a similar frequency ,they were no superhuman, if they were,even you could be one.

© Chirasree

An open letter to my twin flame. 



I love you a lot yet today I set you all free. I know the pain you have been through,I know how much you wanted to hold on to everything but everything just dismantled and diluted.

 I know you’ve been through an agony which is hard to resist. I know day after day ,you tried to invalidate the pain. I know you think your form of pain was unique and rare. 

I thank the stars that it’s rare because not everyone is advantageous with your kind of strength. 

You lament even now and then and are highly perplexed of all the energies that are surrounding you. 

She wants you to be happy and will conspire the best for you.

She’ll collaborate with the virtues of nature to steal the stars and allign at the right place for you. 

She loves me equally and adores me for the love I have for you.

She has seen me closely as she has known you. 

She’ll whisper to you in dreams or maybe you will just know. 

Perhaps you already know .

However you question your integrity and principles .

You also know this is strange because usually you righteously stand for yourself despite every obstacle .

I know you knew from the beginning that you were ready to pay a cost for your stringed up principles .

However do you think hurting your own feelings, hurting your own conscience just because of fear is where you are doing justice?

Is that what morality and your principles speak of ?

It doesn’t . It speaks of your happiness. You are at financial loss somewhere too and the academic stress is too much to take. I can understand how things sometimes really are at unrest .

I know you are exhausting each day and yet you need everything toxic to degrade your health?

You say that it’s important to love yourself.

What is the balance you are balancing out at all ?

I know you can give a face to the friend you have been talking to all your life.

You don’t hate it or don’t even like it either.

Right now you don’t care ,you know what will be ,will be but you miss those messages and you can’t kill your ego now.

You think of how I’m doing and often laugh, even you don’t know why.

Do you see the signs and signals?

I know you do respond and hence slowly you are awakening.

You try out flings and everything that’s casual. You drink and remember nothing of hours. 

However you do pause to think of me. You do smile and yet get into the same fear as to what is happening.

You don’t need to panic. You are bold and powerful. However love doesn’t make you powerless . It elevates your courage .
You know ,your eyes and mine,there is something you can never deny.

You know or rather coming to an understanding of a mirror of yourself. You are mirroring an equal and opposite vibe out . You know exactly what I’m talking about. 

You are stressed out and top of that there are so many whys,hows and buts .

You want to run away today because you are scared. You keep talking about fear but what is this fear ?

Do you fear death ?Yes ,a lot but it’s inevitable .

However why would you shut your doors of emotions and not be the person you are. 

Everyday I see you are pretending. Everyday I see you are worried .

Everyday I can feel the conflict with your ego. We’re mirrors but we show the side we’ve lost somewhere.

Weren’t you emotional all these years consoling me and triggering me towards you ? 

But I didn’t know what a twin flame is,I was busy crushing the cannabis. 

I remember the time I first saw you. Even though you deny , there’s it hidden in your subconscious corner.

I feel all your answers in silence and signals.I have faith in the divine power and so should you .

But before I take a leave ,I would whisper you’re in an illusion and you’ve suffered enough to let the wheel of fortune ,keep rotating now.

I wish for you with all positivity ,the best outcome and life altering.

Someday in physical reality ,I too will perish but till then let me love you and grow every second.

No matter what I know the dream I’ve had since childhood to be with you in chariot of eternity will definitely come true ,some time when we will be ready and can’t resist maybe. 

Till then I’ll keep writing you my letters of joy .

Yours lovingly,


Twin Flame.