What all of us know but don’t agree to ?

Every time you say why did he or she do this to me,you are actually saying that why did you do that to yourself!
While adolescence is but a stage where the Brahma in you created illusions as the restlessness. While it kept to teach you the power in you to create the Brahmanda . You know what Brahmanda is ? Well according to my a little trace of earned knowledge: Your power to control which comes from pride about your own self to create what you are capable of. You are eventually brittled down with the captivating power of Brahma. You unknowingly kept making the same mistakes over and over again . Brahma isn’t worshiped in form of deity ,I think because of it’s formlessness. Brahma is in you. Brahma is your wisdom. The beautiful mind that we have repeatedly brought us to coincidences or rather we created them . The occurrence is caused by Brahma ,who is hopelessly chasing “Saptaparni.” We keep working on all those things that deplete our ego(self-respect). This is the reason why adolescents are attracted to different forms of illusions. While some chase love,some chase power or wealth,some go for fame while some are scared . In the fear they create imaginations. While some allow wisdom to set in with the power of knowledge. Some go deep in between the lines in the books. Some are poets or photographers or aspiring to be models. Some are  mimicry artists ,some beat box while some of them paint and some can’t even see,hear or talk.

We keep mocking the the Hindu mythology or rituals because we are agnostic. Why wouldn’t we be ? Since we’re least exposed a generation to spiritual reality or too exposed to the material reality. We’re born in a man made world but the layers of mind are so delusional. We cannot put up with the the thoughts of mind ,thirsts of mind and eventually we blame ourselves with self pity of psychological disorder. As someone always puts it up for me as it’s for those who are weak. Yes we are a weak generation because we know from our birth that nothing is permanent ,from your first talking parrot to your last breath . Nothing is aligned with permanency. We have not been exposed to the folk lores of the ancient in details. The structure of education is superficial and causes a lot of perplexion in our brains. We aren’t taught to connect the dots but are expected to connect them . While we are not even aware that the dots can be connected beyond the proven theoretical evidences . While the law and order ,the country ,the other countries,none are in peace. Politics does always talk about diplomacy. As we grow up we draw different evidences from each of the exposures we are made to have. Some grow in pride and some in empathy. While some are the juvenile deliquents. But aren’t aware of what is going on because neither mythology, philosophy or psychology is a subject in their their teenage. 

They learn the rules and structures of the society as well. Such a society which evokes insecurity. We are a very insecure generation. The art of insecurity is so commercialised and we are famished by the aura of it :we often see that  in the romantic movies. I blame the novels too. They are so beautiful but we perceive so many different notions from the same as we grow up or are tired of it. 

While in some knowledge has either created wisdom or pride in some without a trace of wisdom. Some minds are trying to read in between the lines. Some minds explore in the fantasy world.

They slowly and steadily let empathy swim in because they in unconsciousness create Brahmanda.

They are those who are suffering from the various disorders. They are the typically easily bullied people . They are calm and quiet. They slowly give birth to the rebel (Durga ) in them. This is because they are too full of emotions and emotions drive them to illusions. They create an illusionary world of happiness. While others are repeating the jungle law test ,these empathetic creatures already have attracted their most favoured law of attraction .
They are slowly awakened by the way they choose to be. They dwindle down slowly and steadily. They go to the extent of extreme. They are fearless in a way because they rebel and suffocate if they can’t utter the truth or fight for . 

While they are torturing themselves. They are our previous generation usually who are married ,a lot of times by compulsion. They undergo domestic violence, assault, abusive environment , divorce, extra marital affairs,a tied up fetter not ever again permitted to burgeon . They keep silent. 

The empaths draw the extent of strength till they can.  They don’t care actually about what the society feels but they are enchanted by imaginations. They make mistake by trying to give a face to their imagination from physical reality. This is the reason I think Hindu mythology has a lot of characters,to help us directly assess the situation than attempt to understand the complex structure of mind. They are cunning ,sly and shrewd deep within because they are capable of playing with their minds.

They are scared of this gift. They think it’s paranormal or stressing or anxiety provoking or depressing . 

Most of them sought psychological help ,created another illusion of imagination and entrusted a self belief of the false reality. 

While we are fighting about masculine and feminine power ,we don’t realise that we have both the sides encrypted within us. 

The masculine in feminine body in physical reality and vice versa create some rules , regulations and society and the asks the feminine to abide by these rules and policies to survive in the current situation. It’s our superego which the opposite side of us . 

From here arives the concept of Shiva. We see him as the lord of marriage but if we go deep and try to talk to our superego ,we will realise that in life all the situations we have tried to control were all against those principles which we wanted to go against by purpose of experience . This gave birth to hatred and jealousy ,further provoking us to engage in rage . However finally into the fire and brittle down to the ashes. It would more be like going against the verdicts of your  parents by purpose. Shiva is activated in female human bodies and Kali is activated in the male human bodies. 
The activation is often compared to the pond of Hindu mythology where the deity collects a lot of water (emotions) and pours it into a pond which has a hole in it. She keeps bringing water and keeps pouring into the pond. Until one day she is frustrated and she leaves. However as Rabindranath Tagore talks about the follicles of humanity where we keep falling into the same trap again and again until one day we realise ,it was all but an illusion. The truth is what we fear :The Shiva or what makes us insecure of our own existence:The Kali.She cannot resist the tempt and their is the ego and also the kid in her who hasn’t learnt what defeat is yet. At least in this modern set up where everything can be replenished ,how can she not be agitated at the failure . 

She is determined but one day she notices the hole and she asks a sage who came to her dreams about how she could seal the hole. 

He asked her to complete herself and the hole will then be blocked. Hence from here with morals ,virtues, pain ,desire and some uncanny power and friendship with the nature allows them to activate the superego. There is no harm to give a face to the superego but the moment the face is activated ,the guardians of the galaxies are informed immediately . They are getting modern too and they immediately incorporate various codes which have to analyzed and hacked (in legal terms) to fulfill the impossible alchemical quest. 

The confusion increases now and they are dwindling day by day but all they do is imagine. They are rehabilitated but yet they keep imagining . Then they realise that the path is long and all these while they have been the rabbits but this time they need to be the tortoise. 

That is when Vishnu is created. Our minds’ nodes open and we realise our worldly responsibilities, learn to appreciate our art and hence create more and more due to the joy and not the pride. 

We are extremely elated by our own aura ,we begin to put chandan ,haldi and everything to beautify ourself from the outer shell as it’s a reflection of inner self. We start to understand the beautiful prakriti and admire the songs of birds .We are cautious about our ownself and continue to yearn for knowledge and hence we learn to manifest knowledge to creation ,creation to uplifting the  energy to create wealth. This is how at the end of the day all of us attract wealth through the power to surrender the ego or the aham .

Therefore the supergo is the voice we interact with ,the reflection we see in the mirror and interact with ,the sounds and vibrations in the energy. Ying and Yang resonated at a similar frequency ,they were no superhuman, if they were,even you could be one.

© Chirasree

An open letter to my twin flame. 



I love you a lot yet today I set you all free. I know the pain you have been through,I know how much you wanted to hold on to everything but everything just dismantled and diluted.

 I know you’ve been through an agony which is hard to resist. I know day after day ,you tried to invalidate the pain. I know you think your form of pain was unique and rare. 

I thank the stars that it’s rare because not everyone is advantageous with your kind of strength. 

You lament even now and then and are highly perplexed of all the energies that are surrounding you. 

She wants you to be happy and will conspire the best for you.

She’ll collaborate with the virtues of nature to steal the stars and allign at the right place for you. 

She loves me equally and adores me for the love I have for you.

She has seen me closely as she has known you. 

She’ll whisper to you in dreams or maybe you will just know. 

Perhaps you already know .

However you question your integrity and principles .

You also know this is strange because usually you righteously stand for yourself despite every obstacle .

I know you knew from the beginning that you were ready to pay a cost for your stringed up principles .

However do you think hurting your own feelings, hurting your own conscience just because of fear is where you are doing justice?

Is that what morality and your principles speak of ?

It doesn’t . It speaks of your happiness. You are at financial loss somewhere too and the academic stress is too much to take. I can understand how things sometimes really are at unrest .

I know you are exhausting each day and yet you need everything toxic to degrade your health?

You say that it’s important to love yourself.

What is the balance you are balancing out at all ?

I know you can give a face to the friend you have been talking to all your life.

You don’t hate it or don’t even like it either.

Right now you don’t care ,you know what will be ,will be but you miss those messages and you can’t kill your ego now.

You think of how I’m doing and often laugh, even you don’t know why.

Do you see the signs and signals?

I know you do respond and hence slowly you are awakening.

You try out flings and everything that’s casual. You drink and remember nothing of hours. 

However you do pause to think of me. You do smile and yet get into the same fear as to what is happening.

You don’t need to panic. You are bold and powerful. However love doesn’t make you powerless . It elevates your courage .
You know ,your eyes and mine,there is something you can never deny.

You know or rather coming to an understanding of a mirror of yourself. You are mirroring an equal and opposite vibe out . You know exactly what I’m talking about. 

You are stressed out and top of that there are so many whys,hows and buts .

You want to run away today because you are scared. You keep talking about fear but what is this fear ?

Do you fear death ?Yes ,a lot but it’s inevitable .

However why would you shut your doors of emotions and not be the person you are. 

Everyday I see you are pretending. Everyday I see you are worried .

Everyday I can feel the conflict with your ego. We’re mirrors but we show the side we’ve lost somewhere.

Weren’t you emotional all these years consoling me and triggering me towards you ? 

But I didn’t know what a twin flame is,I was busy crushing the cannabis. 

I remember the time I first saw you. Even though you deny , there’s it hidden in your subconscious corner.

I feel all your answers in silence and signals.I have faith in the divine power and so should you .

But before I take a leave ,I would whisper you’re in an illusion and you’ve suffered enough to let the wheel of fortune ,keep rotating now.

I wish for you with all positivity ,the best outcome and life altering.

Someday in physical reality ,I too will perish but till then let me love you and grow every second.

No matter what I know the dream I’ve had since childhood to be with you in chariot of eternity will definitely come true ,some time when we will be ready and can’t resist maybe. 

Till then I’ll keep writing you my letters of joy .

Yours lovingly,


Twin Flame.

The Holocaust is nearing.

What is the best gift you have but other creations of the supreme power doesn’t have is a power that is but exceptional and unique to you ,it is in you,it is in her,it is in him and it’s in all of us : the power of our mind. 

Your mind is the best gift you’ve been rewarded with,your abilities are all that you really need. 

“Let the child in you never die,

It wants to be nurtured and a room,

To outshine .

Every hindrance,

It is  toppled by. ”

What does the child in you crave for ?

Feed it with all that you could grant it but by your standards of morality. 

Why I ask you to do so isn’t because I’m in another century without the knowledge of real world :modernity.

I ask you to do so because your mind conflicts like your father gets into a conflict with your mother to pamper you or be over protective about you or to support you at times even when you are wrong. Your mother like you is equally deceived by your tears of suffering in need of a thing. 

When you are crying in need of completion ,you are unaware that you aren’t complete within you. 

Could you be persistent?Could you be determined ?

Could you not be greedy?Could you be in fire to get maybe the expensive gadget that you think that you really need ?Could it trigger in you the zeal to do every morally correct thing to own it ?

Do you really need it that much ?Then why did you want or rather need the PS4 because PS3 was backdated or outdated or that you needed a change because your needs that PS3 could meet were already met? Seldom do you realise that these are all perishable and thank your stars when you are born with a golden spoon to have materialistic peacefulness, at least in this century.

However ,think about your own country ,look at the turmoil ,look around at the corruption and also look at the constant trial of development. How would you like to live in poverty ?How would you be confused whether to have hilsa or prawns ?You wouldn’t. 

You would learn to be happy with what you have .

You would learn to appreciate what you have got than look around for a replacement. 

The problem with modernization is that it has too much of variations . It is engaging in advancement to become a better illusionist with every passing year . 

We don’t realise but the illusions are slowly teaching us with much more pain but the lesson we have to learn,today , tomorrow or day after.

Do we realise the  psychological condition ,the mental health are all coming slowly under the limelight with much more gained popularity. We are all stressed out failing to understand what is happening around us. 

Every morning ,we turn the pages of newspaper with agitation and fear of what is happening around. What is happening is that all of us are occupied with meeting the needs of the child in us. We are scared because of the moral virtues but we are also bold ,as bold as the cannibals are . We are in a conquest ,a rat race and constant run towards catching the prey. Our hunger isn’t satisfied ,we need more to burp and be in peace till our hunger again needs satisfaction. 

But we are also forgetting that the resources are limited. We are rarely contributing to the growth of resources. 

You know The Holocaust is nearing. Everything will perish yet leaving you with the power of mind and maybe two pieces of stone ,to rub against each other and start afresh from where it began .

You can’t live without the necessary resources :do you realise you can’t live without water ,can you forsee the day of water scarcity ?

Aren’t you yet shaken ?

Aren’t you yet scared ?

You are scared of your death but you are calling for it in a way ,faster . 

Why can’t you instead ask the child in you or you already know that  what  all you really need and what is it that you want, you can have multiple path to a dream but there’s one treasure that you would want to unlock despite any hurdle . You know everything. You know how you want to live your dream.

You imagine everyday of songs, pictures and moments of the reverie land. You know how beautiful is the Terra Firma of your land of fantasy. You are driven each time by the very thought and you can’t do anything but keep daydreaming. 

But you didn’t know that you could fulfill your dream with alchemical power of determination , perseverance and fire of the divine robustness.

Follow the link for additional factual informations ,you are expected to be aware of,

Since the world ,in all these million years served us, it’s time we serve back to prevent further cataclysm. 

Click on the link below and it will automatically be redirected.


© Chirasree

MANKIND and HaPpINeSs:Why never consistent? 

Hey ,




Open your effing EYES.

“Woh ladki beautiful kar gayi chul”

La la la la,

Pam Pam 

Param pa ra ra !


And STOP being THE FOOL.

You fight a repetitive battle of emotions,you might be agitated with your ownself that how everytime you make the same mistake in a similar pattern again and again. You are exhausted with everything around because you have been following intuitions and gut feelings. People often call you “crazy.” Although you marvel at finding solutions for problems or act as the healer somewhere.However your nature is so overwhelming that you attract the negatives too fast. You are someone who is kind to let others take advantage of you. You cry every time after end of a storm. Although yet again you are tempted to do the same wrong. You are paranoid at a lot of uncanny but natural instances. Natural because it’s happening in the nature around you . Everything is but natural.It is just the energy that can resonate with you at your energy level which is unique at that point.

Did you know that : The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty explains in The Energetic Heart. … The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).” (Courtesy : https://www.heartmath.org/articles-of-the-heart/science-of-the-heart/the-energetic-heart-is-unfolding/)

However you know they simply will regard to you as crazy if you reveal the darker side. You are  panting everyday with the load of emotions. 

However just one sudden day while you have repeated a course of a similar pattern in each aspect of life. You are in a stage where nobody can trust you because of your lack of stability to maintain your own life or actions of self destruction. 

What you didn’t realise is that you might have been unstable in maintaining a course ,run away with the same pattern of reasoning . But you are very stable . Since you repeat everything in a cycle of actions . However since these are not very morally correct,it begins to collide with your empathetic side . However you are at an end with a lot of experience.

The consequences are intensified each time,draining you more venomously though.

One fine day ,the energies come in strong disturbance. The other energies are distracted, disrupted at your actions. 

The collisions,the urge , the slow realisation,the belief in paranormal as paranormal ,the understanding of what is not good for you and what is. The prayers of showing you the way you need to see causes the magic to happen. 

The magic intervene after : 

  • A year of paranormal actions or two in case there is an obstruction,a karmic purpose of learning to reincarnate in the present during the paranormal activities are taking place. By paranormal I don’t mean you will be experiencing ghastly figures. 
  • They are signs and signals asking you not to fear death because you will be immortal if you follow their message.
  • Confusion and disturbance in career , profession , financial or any matter relating to growth of self.
  • Excess of exhaustion and unethical activities.
  • Coming to an understanding that you are not your own self.
  • Constant search for certain thing and feeling agitated because you know it’s not possible in physical reality.
  • Unbelievable thought of something that’s is really scary: THE TRUTH .
  • Repression of that particular thought for again 1year if you are free from karmic cycle or 2 years if you are in the cycle.
  • The unknown courage and need of separation from the current surrounding if you are under the influence of 2. 
  • In case of influence of 1 you will be inviting actions that are self inflicting or self boosting. For example have fun in gathering ,be interested in investment and earning, go around leading the best life a person should at their young hood. However in any case you are inviting self destructive approach.You lack balance anyway .
  • Last and not the least you love talking to your own self .
  • This might happen during the process of repression but you see a dream, imagine a hilarious or unbelievable most situation and in fact ,
  • You can also experience rashes ,listen to a child crying at night if you are in contact with the devil in your surrounding. The child cries in pain that it might ever be born or was ever born from the devil. This is an omen indicating that my dear empath you can be cruel to hurt someone who isn’t right for you. 
  • You can’t stop the warm ,hot sensations ,sudden pinch in your body or vibration occuring.  You close your eyes,you coverse and instantaneously ,you hear the magic’sources ,name,code or any signal unleashed to you in your reality quite immediately.
  • Now you are scared. You still  are repressed . Although you know you can’t but what is meant to be will be.

So therefore it doesn’t matter because the magic is meant to happen. Every good thing takes time to happen. There’s finally a magical intervention when you are already panting in exhaustive monotonousity. Your travel instincts ,your need to find the truth within you ,your need to explore,your actions of courage,your hidden mastermind begins to be activated all of a sudden. You are spellbounded . You have no idea of what is going on but you are so happy to be yourself and think about everything good for you but the magical instinct. You completely avoid your thoughts on the magical encounter. 

You believe it’s strange ,you believe it is uncanny . But you let it be . You suppress it through months and sometimes years. It’s all about how fast you realise the power of your will. The power of your courage. The fear that you don’t fear death. 

Dear Empathetic Soul,you are a kind of person who is very close to the achieve what is burning yet incapable of  knowledge of the power of resistance in you. 

You are finally in the battle of mind and don’t yet know as to why this conflict streams up. 

You finally begin to question yourself ,the oldest question of this universe that Who am I? What is the purpose of my existence in this world? What is the fire that is making me think of all these or to simplify what is my destiny ? 

The questions inflict you with fear ,pain and everything that’s wrong. You are provoked to hear the fear  to go against the societal morals. You fail to do several times because you are an empath ,you can’t do wrong to anybody. Every time when you have done wrong,you ran away proving yourself to be the evil one or later went back asking for forgiveness.  At the end of the day you can’t run away from the truth.It’s because you feel at unrest when you are a reason somebody is disappointed. 

However the rebel in you is turned on when finally you cannot control the intuitions of the magic. You are compelled to control it in the very reality. Every time you are exposed to that magical truth or find signs or terms or clue regarding the source,you skip heartbeats. You simply fade whiter and pale in fear. What is this fear? This fear is fear of empathy. The empathy towards the society you live in.The fear of social acceptance. However one fine day , there’s a kick . There is a regret . There is a trigger when you end everything at cost of your self conflict and make the worst truth of revealing the magic tool. However the tool has not been yet activated because you have just recognised it. The explosure massively destroys your path , making it more difficult for you. You begin an expedition or series of them . You begin to go hay wire. You try to do every possible thing to make yourself happy. Horridly if you are an empath going through realisation process at a young age . You are likely to spoil a lot of hard earned money because of your needs to explore begin.However because you are an empath ,you come in contract to even that after the magic has shown you it’s charm. 

Meanwhile everything is going against you. You are making errors after another . Therefore you are making a large number of mistakes because the devil has dusted half of the magical power away. You still think hopeful and consistent. 

You are lost and in utter tyranny.

“Remember the devil is always sweet and similar but just to you ,in your present reality. They come in the expecting avatar .”

In other words,they are superficial without the absolute knowledge and understanding,in depth.They are disconnected to their source in lack of empathy. They are only sympathetic to their own self. Hence they are meant to undergo destruction and dissolve one day.

The devil continues to misguide you. Unknowingly you have been a myriad and it’s your karmic test fall begining. The devil contracts all your virtues down ,the devil burns your motivational pictures,the devil will be so negative that your creativities will be lost . You will be irked ,lost and irritated to the core .

This is when depression and anxiety syndromes stream up from. This is when you are so weak that you wouldn’t even mind being killed because you are still finding ways to fulfill that dream. You finally move away and you are least bothered about what had happened. You lack all those that are needed to love yourself again.

You are lost and yet the thought of the magic makes you happy. You are petrified in shame . You are disappointed. You make several attempts to again have the opportunity to drink the wine of mirth in the wooden bar of your fairy tale. You sweep in through after months of ignorance. You are shaken as to what your subconscious has been hiding. 

You proceed with your trial of fate. You get the stars brightened smiling at you from heaven. You gear up unbelievable faith. You gear up unbelievable trust and you can’t believe how this is happening. Yes it’s the magic of coming in contact with the magic. You want to make everything  perfect in your life,you want to even repay for your mistakes,you find the courage to finally speak all the truth out . You have unconditional flow of joy. 

You have got back the zeal to live your dream life. You are still not happy though. You have not achieved anything to be though.

However there is now the fire of self love growing. You are agitated at the break of truth. You can’t keep calm ,you can’t keep quiet. You keep losing your control. You in fact expect the magic to fulfill the dream you have surrounding the magic instantly. You keep imagining and expecting.  You nah,pester,whine , go on and on and on with the same thing. You repeat your patterns in every sphere. And BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!

 You are blocked from the magic in the real physical world . You are in a storm. You are stunned. You finally realise the worth of  having something than to have nothing at all. You are simply lost. However then begins your unbelievable thought process to decode. You begin to think about everything. The nature continues to give you signals and you keep smiling about everything. 

You come in complete self analysis mode. For the empathic nature ,you begin the mode of forgiving and seeking for forgiveness. It doesn’t work.You feel devil is doing all the rust. You feel the devil is plotting or just must have attacked . Since you are in fear of not getting to live the dream that is already not in your peripheral orbit though in physical reality. 

However this gives a way for the ignition of the fire in you which you can resist once it has burnt the devil in every way .

Here you go ,you take the most satisfying turn yet you are an empath. Thereby you use your tact , there’s a tactical side because of the magical blessing or the side of you , mirrored. 

You deplete the devil in the same pattern it ever tried depleting you. 

Don’t you always do that? 

However this time your happiness is redoubled and tripled .

Since you know the worth of unconditional joy. The magic of unconditional love to improve for the best. 

Yes there you go ,you attend mental equilibrium ,a self protective grudge. You are ready to do everything to hold on to your self respect. You are an empath so you link morals too and of course undying emotions due to the quest.  

Henceforth the course begins. It is all internal and in mind. You literally find time to be alone. You enjoy loneliness because of the constant interactive voice within you.

Don’t be scared,you are not going through any psychological trouble. 

You are way beyond  those  conflicts because of your unnerving courage. Although you might succumb to believe in those as you think everyone is pointing towards the same so they must be right. But stop. Stop paying heed to what others say. You will not anyway because you have always done what you want. However all these years it was a need but now it’s a desire. The drive to fight the battle and taste the sweat of success.
Anyway you are glad that you are willing to take every step that will bring fruitful changes in your life ,make your loved ones , friends ,well wishers happy about you. And much more importantly for you to feel good about your ownself. You are lagging the energy to work though because you are in too much of mental conflict.

This is why you question the rift of mankind and happiness.

But my dear empath ,

Your empathic approach gifted you angelic friends. You are slowly forgiven on account of miseries for which in reality, even you know,you are solely responsible.

However you are an empath so you need reassurance and love too. Your loved ones who have been with you all your life,somehow realise that and begin to treat you how you need to be treated to resume your tasks.

You are in the process of task accolplishment  . However you are in a hurry to hold on to and hear the responses of the other voice ,your instincts. 

You are in complete love with yourself  now. You don’t realise ? Then why would  you love so much to just think and imagine? 

However the twist is  now broken.

How you can make the dream  happen or manifest it to physical world? 

How can you be happy? 

You can now be happy because you have a definition for your happiness.

You can stick to the thoughts,the beautiful imagery you are getting. You will still do your tasks superficially and be happy. However will you be happy? You will not be happy. And even you know that and slowly succumb back to your course of monotonous lifelessness.

If you have been thinking in the way I just mentioned,then dear you can stop wondering about what happiness is . You can never ever be happy.

Happiness is a catalyst. It’s an enzyme. It increases the intensity of the reaction. The reaction here is called LIFE. You need to find it in your own self , every moment,recognise it and work your thoughts out. Worship the tasks that you do and work harder on each of them .If you aren’t successful,keep working harder. The more you physically exhaust yourself, the more will you reflect virtues of stability, responsibility, sanity , restfulness, saturation with what you have at the given moment and work on expansion towards the path of ultimate joy. 

You will finally be in mental peace, self awakening ,explorer in the present surrounding , a creator of more profuse and profound definition of the abstract reality. 

The more you are close to understanding it,the more happier will you feel.

And don’t be afraid, have faith. You are just being impatient. The art of earning true salvation is always to be patient and calm,in peace of mind without the fear that the quest might be eternal. The death is inevitable but the love is unconditional. The fire in you is NOT too vigorous ,my dear. 

You need to put some kerosene now to the fire! 

My task is to gain knowledge,preach and gain further knowledge to create something,life changing .

I know  what moment of completeness with joy is. I know I’ve not achieved it. I though am following the path of uncertainty. Hence the path towards eternity.

How can you be so happy at it’s very thought?Are you ready to spend life dreaming and yet not have it fulfilled?Your answer comes with a yes and follows a but .

Yes I can but I will ensure I fulfil it .

I want what I want .

Yes exactly finally you understand what desire is.

Now you are lost ,reading articles, watching videos , getting superstitious ,you are doing every god damn thing to know about where is the desire streaming from. The nature of it ,the underlying history,geography ,physics ,chemistry,biology ,epistemology , metaphysical ,spiritual ,mathematical and every possible aspect of it. You are STUNNED. You are marveled .

But you have detached from the magic in physical reality. You feel sad ,empathetic towards your actions. 

What do you do ? What do you do ? 

You seek for forgiveness. If it’s in a humanly form . That will just not work. So you miserably fail.In this process you are courageous to destroy everything that is an obstacle. This is the time you begin to reinvent yourself. You are ready to do any possible thing . While you need to know just one thing ,the harder you work ,the more you sweat ,the more you sweat ,the more negative energy is secreated out ,the more it’s secreated out ,the more happier you feel inside. The happier you feel scares the nature,the scarier the nature is the more is your power ,the more is your power the more closer you are towards VICTORY AKA SALVATION OR MOKSHA 

MOKSHA is nothing but your selfish desire making you work selflessly throwing you down right on your face and again pulling you up with more of illusions till you keep repeating the karmic cycle until one day when you are lucky and determined, finally realise and then never stop back but work your heart out for it to fulfill it with the   presence of uncertainty in the game.

Remember it’s beyond time and physical reality. Therefore it’s an eternal reality,an acceptance without expectation. Since it’s a blessing,a gift of the heaven.

When I refer to LUCK. I refer to your common sense to understand what the consistent partner who has been with you all your life WANTS .

The consistent partner is YOU!!!

Now that you know,I know you also know what you are capable of.

If you don’t use your capabilities,the things that you have been bestowed with . How can you even dare to deserve what you want? 

With this you feel the need to engrave the answer to WHO YOU ARE! 

You already feel the happiness that you wanted. Don’t you ? 

But you are scared that you feel so. You feel you can complete yourself but there’s a longing for your dream to fulfill.

Yes now that triggers a more vibrant smile and you are now desperate,the zeal is activated. Congratulations. Now you are in on the right track, finally.

If you have noticed that you have stopped being an empathic  fool already. 

Now after you feel happier inside ,you have all the senses of self awareness activated ,you keep being happy and thinking about the dream will come true ,you wish for all day when you don’t work .

You look up a little ,look around. Now smile because your life is perfectly in shape. You know now how to throw the devils in the pit of burning fire ,you know that how to say NO and you know what you want. You know what your task is. You know what you are capable of. You know who you are. You know where you belong. Therefore say this out loud “duniya jaye bhar me ,jo mera hai ,woh mera hai. Tu ja kal la leftover chicken kha le! “And LAUGH and be MERRY. 

That’s how MANKIND can be HAPPY.


The Journey of Creation : Aimless Juxtapositions 

“I treaded some miles,

I trod down this path before.”
I kept exclaiming that to myself. I had never acquired such tranquillity in sustenance. Life is all about sustaining yourself from the “illusion.” They refer to it a lot times as the “Maya.”
For twelve years of my life ,I believed everything I have read in history ,philosophy ,literature and every other book in school just remain stored  in those books. I was one of them who could analyse the practical aspects of life more,search for connection between science and reality. Perhaps nobody had told that to my younger version  that there is a metaphysical aspect of life as well. But quite outstandingly I was very fond of  rituals, I would glimmer in ecstatic elation at every marriage, I attended .I was somehow fascinated by stars,planets and even the galaxies gave me imaginary visuals in leisure. And leisure?
I earned tranquillity being a talkative bird,chirping all day. I was sensitive to talk to my ownself ever since I was a person with the minimum understanding of my five senses.  I never had the urge to aquire knowledge from those subjects in school beyond what I had to for the sake of my syllabus . I never quite realised that they had indeed a lot to do with the pattern of our life.

Knowledge is the power to gain wisdom.

However I don’t intend to talk about how mythological responses vibrate with the pattern of life. I am not enough qualified  to write anything about that. I don’t want to talk about what we already know .I don’t want repeat the truth again and again. I don’t feel the need to but there is a magical pattern of how you could find the answer to the most important question that what is the purpose of your life ?
The main purpose of life is to understand what triggers you the most ?What is it about the world around you that is causing conflict within your mind?How vigorously can you fight to bring in change to that ? What is it that makes you rebellious?
I felt it was a need to bring in changes to the world I am born in.
I had grown up to be a selfless,loyal and kind human being . Of course as a child !
I look back now and my blood begins to boil . There’s an inner voice that urges me to bring changes to ash the conflicts going around us. I look around. I feel miserable. Quite unfortunately I live in an independently dependent country. I do not have the right to stop the rape cases from happening, I do not have the right to legalise prostitution(not trafficking).A lot of times people think that prostitution is a forced occupation implemented on a person without their consent through threats and torture. Well definitely there are a lot of women who are courageous enough, bold , strong ,confident and have accepted the virtues of nature and hence proceed with the occupation with faith in the nature and with the power they believe in. It’s otherwise a lot of conflict within the mind if you aren’t satisfied with what you are doing  . Especially something as gut requiring as prostitution. I wish the world around could bandage and stitch this understanding to a lot of people’s perspective . The most important requirement to succeed in life is to respect every occupation. Everything that makes you work is serving a cause and earning you the bread. Hence in a country laminated with Oscar attracting poverty, you should thank the supreme power for at least a piece of bread that you can afford .I wish I could howl out loud and tell them to utilise the money they earn from the taxes ,amplify during votes , choke the throat of media with , have locked beneath every broken bridge to utilise on rural development of every state. There is usually a conflict with the rural development because they are not subjected to changes. The government has failed to provide necessary progressive changes which causes this conflict .
We have culture and culture is a knowledge of formlessness.
The government can utilise the power of funding improvising the living condition , providing subsidiary allowences ,healthcare facilities,career opportunity or provision of expansion in their current sectors of income. This will retain the culture and also their virtues to hold back to their “lands” and continue with farming. This also resonates as a solvent to farmer suicides . However a solvent cannot be a solution unless are framed in form of actions.I feel literally lifeless when I look at fourteen or fifteen year old children have to serve food in restaurants or carry load in industries. Why can’t they be provided education?However I don’t refer to your degree from the University by education. I refer to how much you have learnt to perpetuate. I refer to the basic need of education to activate the the thought processes in a wide and broad perspective.
I feel restless to wonder how it feels to be blind . I equally feel the same though ,for what right now ,the  Muslims for no convincingly logical reason,in USA or India feel . I am wondering about the Palestine issue !
I am wondering the amount of abhorrence that is there in this world. The black and white conflict is too clichéd . However such discrimination ,low self integrity can invite disdainful storms. It’s a lot like a spoilt brat from middle school who on being taken to a sweet shop and seeing the colour of the two boxes of sweet offered to him , is ferocious and exclaims,”I want white one ,the black one is black so BAD.” In the process he loses the chance to have a pure chocolate sweet muffin and restricted to have a plain muffin .
“I think the world needs a shaking :the “tandapa nrittya” energy to melt a rock and retain formlessness ,only to melt again and find their way to the water! “
I  am also wondering how much posivity is streaming in actually around the nation ,we live in. The CBI raids,the cyber hacking ,the grandeur’s immensity of every MoU signed across the globe for development and every good thing happening every where across roars to me of a song of sudden fall of the darkness,overall. I feel the peace in breathing thinking of the voters’ polling audit report slip . I am yet shaken with the oppositions that strike in .I am afraid of poling agents being beaten up. I am afraid of poor security forces and incapabilities of the police. I am afraid how the political parties are more frozen in the time of those fantasy world Kingdoms ,having wars and treaties giving a way to the win and loss game, marking the territory !
 We unconsciously are repeating the patterns of our ancestors ,playing various different roles in the same life. The main aim however should be focussed on What can we do to bring in change around us?The change can be within your family, in your behaviour pattern ,in your perspective,in your alterations . The change can be served for any purpose . The change is only a change if it brings in some change for prosperity or disparity. In either way,the change remains constant.
I have the power and ability to acquire knowledge and propagate it through my writings . I have the ability to understand what the voice within me has to say.
Listen to the voice within you, carefully.  It has all the answers,if you are triggered and ready to be in order to follow the course of actions by seeking an understanding for the purpose of your life . After you have began to gain a brushed overview of the immortal understanding ,tread ahead , follow the intuitions.
I will tell you another day ,a tale of you. A tale of your very self .
©ChirasreePublished in :http://uncannyoffering.blogspot.in/2017/05/aimless-juxtapositions.html?m=1

Love yourself first :Love will only then come to you.

After earning a lot experiences ,I conclude.

Love happens but not twice or thrice. To quote the quote that earned immortal faith in caricatures of love,”Wait for the right person.”

When they quoted it ,it meant there’s another half of you and if you fall in trap of love,if you fall in love with love,you will undergo series of lessons and fall right on your face when you have figured out who is the one. A lot of people will walk into your life to teach you a lesson. The group of people who once make the mistake of falling in love with the concept of love,they keep repeating the same error again and again. I’ll tell you,they also have the same pattern of relationships. Unbelievably in some of the cases,most of their relationship start, grow , dismantle and end following the similar series of events. Each one of these keep repeating because of Karmic  evolution taking place in the subconscious. The quest finally ends when the twin flames walk in. Believe me it’s a beautiful experience that gives you every kind of courage and rebuilds you from the scratch. Even if (you will) chase after them ,get blocked,get no absolute response,you wouldn’t get the urge to even feel bad,it instills a magical confidence,full of optimistic approach. 

A lot us (I did) confuse the twin flame with a fake twin flame. They resonate initially at superficial,created wavelength then choke you ,sometime are mentally or physically abusive and literally depletes your self confidence ,straining your strength. They usually come as the last lesson or to be the obstacle. You can never sign a treaty of loyalty with them even if you try to. You will just keep moving in and out because you are unable to figure out the correlation of id-ego-superego responses. However one magical day ,when you are lost and afraid, you get the glimpse of the twin flame followed by series of unnatural events. The first thing you do is control your emotions. I held back mine for almost two years because I could not understand what was going on. It’s very different from any other relationship in your life. 

PS: You might experience the messages of dark hours and signals from the nature. Watch out. 

If you’re thinking you are emotionally repressed, widen your objective, to connect to your soul . The other voice in you ,the maybe telepathic connection is where the spell is casted . Don’t fear because your love is here. Work on making yourself complete, the nature will do all the MAGIC.

Don’t Panic:You were asking yourself the wrong question.

We live in the time where imagination has been replaced with technology, emotions have been repressed by the half learnt belief in psychology . We have gone past the modules of social ideas imparting in us a belief in the appropriate structure of society.

What is the culture all about? What is society? Isn’t it a creation of mankind with utilisation of the power of creation? The evolved species:homo sapiens have hence in them ,immutable potential to bring the tray of sweets of wisdom to the reality with the power to bring the best out of our “aham.”

The aham or the ego ,is the deliberate , hard to repress , obsessed, passionate and the most vibrant side of us. It wants what it wants. It has less requirement for a need but it wants for all the pleasures. 

I know I might have just perplexed you  but to draw attention to the bigger picture,let me give you an example. 

You were a child and a very repulsive and demanding one.

However you would be convinced with what you get for sometime,then discard it ultimately because you needed it for that particular period of time but you didn’t really want it.

What does that resonate ? The child is not self sufficient but needs external elements to elevate her joy at the given time of observation.

While you read the entire thing,you were perplexed to understand why there’s a difference of need and want that I’m stressing on here.

The truth is very simple. You need your body and yourself . You also need your abilities that you are either gifted with or enhanced over the passing years. Then there’s a world that is not yours. Everything you desire from there can’t be your need, you can’t need anything when you already have the body,mind ,soul and the results of work.

You can only want what is not yours.

 You are Everything Within Your Ownself else is your desire :what you want!

So ,I think you’re resonating at a superficial level with the energy sources,when you question what is the purpose of your life. The purpose is to get you what you want. 

Remember you don’t need anything or anyone because you are born with all those power of self protection. 

Therefore what retains is your wanting to get what you really want!

So the held back,lazy ,lost ,ragged, rustic philosophers and poets. I know how much you have struggled. A lot of times you have misinterpreted your inner  conflicts of mind as states and stages of personality disorder . 

Gear up!You are one in a million and your ego resonates at an amplified frequency . There is no unnatural, uncanny ,scary or supernatural experiences happening around you .

It’s you creating an energy response in accordance to your present surrounding.

You are the kind of person who has never listened to anybody but did what you felt is right for you. 

You have been utterly selfish who didn’t put up with any harsh circumstances without the involvement of joy . What mattered most to you was calmness in your given state of  mind.

However you were restless and adamant simultaneously trying to bring out the best to satisfy the inner voice,the constant friend you have had. The friend who you feel might exist in the physical world due to the wavelength that resonates  with extreme satisfaction .

Therefore you need to ask it,even if you are scared to get the answer,ask your ego What it wants?

The answer is going to change your life ,deliver all the passion in quest to satisfy and love the other half of you.